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Sadıklı & Akyol Law Firm




Yusuf Bahadır Çelik

Sadıklı & Akyol Law Firm, established by Fulya Hanife Sadıklı and Fatma Akyol Yastıkcı, is a dynamic legal firm that provides legal counsel and attorney services to both individuals and legal entities. It prides itself on delivering prompt and effective solutions throughout all stages of the litigation process.

As YBC Studio, we undertook the responsibility of developing their visual identity and website. This endeavor was driven by our recognition of Sadıklı & Akyol's core objective, which centers on cultivating enduring, trust-based relationships.

In crafting the logo, we amalgamated the initial letters of the founding partners' surnames (S+A). In addition, we incorporated fonts that underscore a reliable and solution-oriented corporate identity.

We have fashioned a dynamic website that seamlessly integrates with the firm's corporate identity, ensuring clients have effortless access to information and streamlined communication.